About Fionnar

Fionnar… pure gold

Gaelic for ‘Cool and Clear’ Fionnar water is extremely pure and has a distinctly different taste to other waters.

Where Fionnar Comes From
Deep beneath the earth’s surface runs many strong flowing rivers enriched with the minerals of the rocks they have travelled through on their journey giving them their own unique mineral content and analysis.

Fionnar’s journey stated thousands of years ago with rain water running down the mountains and through gaps in the earth’s rock.

Occasionally, along its route, the river would have found an eroded pocket (like a small Loch) where it would build up.

With considerable pressure, this amazing liquid found a way back up through the rocks and burst through the earth’s surface as a Spring.

The water that naturally appears at these Springs is so cold that you can not keep your hand under them for more than a few seconds!

Filtered by the rocks, the colour is absolutely clear and the taste ...delicious.

Springs that are geologically made this way account for less than 0.1% of all the water in the world which makes Fionnar very, very special and completely unique.

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